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How do I become a US BioTek Practitioner?

Create an account and become US BioTek Practitioners. Get free test kits, practitioner portal access, and priority access to educational materials.

Becoming a US BioTek Practitioner is quite simple. This article will outline the process step by step. Before we move to the creation of the account it is important to understand who can create a US BioTek account.

US BioTek Account Eligibility

In order to be eligible for a US BioTek Account practitioners must have a valid National Provider Identifier (NPI) number while health and nutrition specialists must provide a current license number.

Create Account On The Website

The most common and easiest way to create an account is to do you through our website.


Fill Out Form

Once on the create account page. Complete the form with the required information. Anything with and * next tot he field is required to submit the form.

Create Account Form

Verify Healthcare Provider Status

Once you have entered all of your information, review the terms of health care provider certification. By signing your name and submitting the form you will be agreeing to the statements listed.

Healthcare Provider Certification Form Example


Once you enter your name click "Generate My Account".


Once your form has been submitted, US BioTek personel will verify that the information provided is correct and issue you a Practitioner Identification (Prac ID) number. This ID will be what you use to order tests, kits, and view your reports in the practitioner portal. 


While you wait for your practitioner ID number you can order kits free of charge which will be fulfilled when you receive your Prac ID.