What does OAT test stand for?

Looking into OAT testing but curious as to what that actually means and what it means for you specifically?

OAT stands for Organic Acids Testing. 

If you would like to know more about what Organic Acids Tests test for you can visit https://help.usbiotek.com/knowledge/what-does-the-organic-acids-test-test-for


When evaluating different Organic Acids Tests, it is important to choose an OAT panel from a laboratory that is 3rd party certified to ensure your results will be high quality and reproducible.

It is also important to ensure the markers on the OAT Panel (OAP) are based on 3rd party peer-reviewed research. Some laboratories offer panels built off of their preferences and internal research not what is determined to be clinically relevant by a body of providers.

The US BioTek OAP tests for 36 of the most clinically relevant markers and is based solely on 3rd party peer-reviewed research. If you would like more information on the US BioTek OAP you can go to https://www.usbiotek.com/test/organic-acids-profile