Are there age restrictions on laboratory testing?

Some testing has age requirements, here is a table with the age requirements listed for all US BioTek Testing.

The below table outlines the specific age restrictions/requirements for all testing categories offered by US BioTek.

Test Type

Age Restrictions

Food Sensitivity Testing No Age Restrictions
Allergy Testing Total IgE is Unavailable for children under 10 Years Old
Organic Acids Testing Unavailable for children under 2 Years Old
Environmental Pollutants Testing Unavailable for children under 2 Years Old
Thyroid Testing Unavailable for patients under 20 Years Old
Vitamin D Testing No Age Restrictions
Candida & Celiac Testing No Age Restrictions
Sexually Transmitted Infections No Age Restrictions
COVID-19 Testing  No Age Restrictions
Monkeypox Testing No Age Restrictions


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